SARS Updates Portal at Month End Creating Chaos

So if you have not logged into the new look SARS application you may have missed a few deadlines, like VAT and PAYE.

SARS in true style re designed their login portal as part of updates that were required to keep their system running going forward, and there will be a lot more going forward.

What Changed ?

SARS is now linking users to the relevant company profile so they can be held accountable. Anyone not registered on E-filing will have to register with their ID number in order for SARS to allow access.

What Must I Do ?

Before linking your personal profile you need to ensure that the LEGAL representative (IE the Director or Financial Officer) is linked as the representative to the business this way they are the LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE person. This persons profile will then be able to add the relevant administrators and bookkeepers as users onto the system. DO NOT register your self as the LEGAL representative unless you really are. This will mean your personal profile will be flagged as a director and may have personal Tax implications.

We have spoken to SARS who confirmed that there may only be ONE registered legal representative and it may not be a TAX practitioner or a bookkeeper, but someone who is legally bound to the company as the legal representative.

This can be changed, so please make sure the correct person is the legal representative, and that the person responsible for filling in the forms can then be added as an administrative user which will be linked to their personal E-filing profile.

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