Upgrade Your Office For as little as R 145 per month*

Office Business Premium

As Microsoft fades out support for older products, so they have brought in new products. Office 365 brings true collaboration and sharing of documents as well as across device compatibility. Microsoft has a new approach to licensing and all their software is provided as a service, for a monthly subscription fee. This allows the users […]

Microsoft End Of Life Products Affecting Your Business

As with all software there comes a time as technology moves on that items can no longer be supported.  This is done for various reasons, and mainly due to technological compatibility and security.We have done our best to offer support where applicable however the differences, compatibility issues, and security issues are now not cost effective […]

SARS Updates Portal at Month End Creating Chaos

So if you have not logged into the new look SARS application you may have missed a few deadlines, like VAT and PAYE. SARS in true style re designed their login portal as part of updates that were required to keep their system running going forward, and there will be a lot more going forward. […]

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