Simplify IT with managed IT services.

Thalleon is a City of Cape Town – based managed service provider (MSP) specializing in IT, networks, systems, cloud computing, security, and collaboration for businesses.

your modern it solution

We make your IT better so you can
continue focusing on what matters
most in your day.

Grow your business and scale it with confidence.

Protect your data using proactive security monitoring.
Gain reporting, transparency & KPIs for better decisions.
Thalleon Provides a wide range of business focused services. Our value proposition is simple.
We proactively monitor and maintain your devices, servers, and network to secure your revenue through business continuity.

We keep your business running.



Implement new technology anytime with cloud computing services

Thalleon’s cloud computing services takes the worry out of new technologies. Infrastructural and application-level support can be provided with an emphasis on specialization, enabling you to focus your resources on what’s most valuable to your business operation. We manage everything that impacts you and your day-to-day operation—whether it’s upgrading infrastructure or developing applications; Thalleon has IT professionals that can design a plan for meeting your needs.


Gain proactive cybersecurity monitoring with a strategy built to scale

Gain proactive cybersecurity monitoring with a strategy built to scale. Our Software coordinates continuous vulnerability assessment, impending risk detection, incident response, and threat timely and effective management with built-in security capabilities, integrated threat intelligence, and seamless workflow for rapid remediation.


Strengthen relationships by streamlining communication no matter where you work

Work from anywhere, whenever and with whomever. Meetings and calls will be more productive than ever before, with arrangements made in a few clicks. Through the cloud and on premise, you can get things done faster and boost your communication with unified communications and collaboration-as-a-service. You can easily make calls and access files no matter where you work, so collaborate securely when you need to, streamlining your communications for productivity’s sake.

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